verbal by design®

[Realm: what we do & why]

Devign partners with companies worldwide to develop or refine their brand marketing and identity strategies and to articulate their unique voice. Our strengths include brand positioning, brand personas, brand architectures, elevator pitches, marketing messages, names, taglines, other intellectual property creation, copywriting, etc.

“Landing” on the right brand positioning and conveying its competitive value is no matter of luck. It is an intense, client-inclusive effort comprising criteria-laden, yet time-sensitive exercises. Proven processes that yield hard-working brand messaging ultimately guide your brand’s perception. Words...their comprehensive communication and brand language (what Devign calls "verbal design")...are at the fore of any brand presence.

Just what is the importance of branding earnestly? Simple, honest-to-goodness verbal expression is the fervor, the elasticity, the vertebral column of any brand.

A fascination with words and languages is the momentum for verbal design. The impact that original and carefully executed spoken, aural and written messaging can collectively have on a company’s balance sheet is the impetus behind Devign. A well-crafted verbal repertoire propels solid brand identity and packs an enviable image.