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[¿Por qué Devign?: escritura y noticias]

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June 2008 — Devign's inaugural newsletter brings you Karen's take on unusual Estonian packaging (ostrich eggs, Pepi pourable yoghurt and Arabian mint-flavored iced-tea), among other treasures to discover.

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Palabras chicas
We're so used to making the most out of a few letters and syllables that a 140-character limit is like being on vacation! @talkyourwalk.

Palabras de los demás

El sobre, por favor…En el año 2003, la Asociación de la Industria Impresora de Georgia (PIAG) le otorgó un premio a Devign por su sobre, el cual fue diseñado por circle k studio e impreso por Bennett Graphics. Más.

Taco and Paprika? Binney & Smith Sees Thousands of Names for Red By Dean Starkman, The Wall Street Journal. — Sólo dos veces en sus 114 años ha cambiado el nombre de uno de sus crayones Crayola la empresa Binney & Smith, Inc. Más.

Decir más con menos

More than any other written or spoken genre, haikus say the most with the least. Therein lies the parallel with Devign and our value to you.

A major form of Japanese verse, modern haiku is written in 17 syllables throughout three lines. Each employs highly evocative allusions and/or comparisons that strategically narrate a specific object or an observed moment in time. This succinct technique creates extraordinary relevance with uncommon, emotive brevity. Focused, independent, full-bodied...these are not exclusively descriptive of renegade wines, documentaries or your next-door neighbor!

¿Hace haiku?

Short brand components, such as names and taglines, are the workhorses of any successful brand. Like the poetic gems that are haikus, the most coveted names and taglines foster a sense of place and are infectiously word-of-mouth. At Devign, we can help your company accomplish the same.