verbal by design®

[In Action: portfolio]

Our clients are organizations who are vested in achieving and maintaining long-term brand stature for their businesses, products and services. They place a high value on proprietary brand language, including trademarks and service marks…what we have coined “verbal capital.” We are committed to assisting them in the creation and protection of such vital verbal assets. Samples of our work and experience include*:

A Accenture, ALCOA, Ameristar Casinos, Anawah, Artaissance, Atlas World USA, Avanade, Avaya
B Bacardi, BARC, Bear the Cross, Binney & Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bottleneck Blues, Boyd Gaming
C Carry on Language, CBA, Centric Software, Champion, Chestnut, Choice Hotels, Cisco Systems, Citrix Online, CloudLINK, Coca-Cola, Control your technology.
D DaVinci Gourmet, Derivium, Digeno, Disaster Due Diligence, Dogus Group
E Embark, Entango, espany'all, Ethicon
F Falcon Diner, FedEx, Firestorm, Frito-Lay
G Getty Images
H Hanes, Hi-Vi Arcade, Hertz Equipment Rental, Holland America, HP, Hughes Aircraft Employees’ Federal Credit Union
I Immune Systems Go!, Interurban Exchange, Intraware
K King Kat Club, Knowberry
L L90 (or Latitude90), Landmark Buffet, Landor Associates, Larson-Juhl, Let freedom surf., Life is one big canvas., Longhouse Hospitality, LoudSilo
M Macy’s, Membership in motion., Merck, Merk & Tyler, Metabolife, MetaMORPHOsys, MetricsDirect, Metropolitan Market, Milliken Development, Monster Industries, MorphoTrak (part of SAFRAN Group), Mystery Financial Asset Management Company
N Nestlé, Northodox
O Olympus, OmegaFi
P Pearl's Oyster Bar, Perkins Coie, Philips Design, Platrium, Procter & Gamble, Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Q Qpass (now Amdocs)
R R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Russell Corporation
S Schnitzer Northwest, So your chapter can do more., Skip church. Go surf!, SpaceLabs Medical, Suiza, SUN
T Taking fundraising further., Tarragon Development, Teltone, Thai Union, Terratex, Tilligen, True Textiles (formerly Interface Fabric)
V Vault, Verizon, VISA, Visteon
W Water-active wear, WE (Women’s Entertainment)
Z Zango
# 180Solutions, 47 Port St.

*Some clients serviced by Karen North prior to the formation of Devign. Names and taglines created are in italics; clients are in non-italics; excludes nomenclatures.