verbal by design®

[Realm: our approach]

The foundation of Devign’s brand positioning services lies on the premise and promise of verbal design. Verbal design is brand language that stands alone, that stands out, that stands above the brand fray. Often under- or poorly utilized as a corporate asset, language is a competitive edge. It is verbal differentiation at its relevant best.

The roots of verbal design are in the traditions and heritage of articulate storytellers and storytelling. This ruggedly individualized expression has been updated and re-purposed to thrive amidst the rigors and confinements of modern business practicality. Adhering to uncompromising standards in hand-picked, textured words and phrases, this “performance art meets commerce” is Devign. Our hybrid approach strikes both balance and chord with client and audiences alike, demystifying who you are and why you matter.

Strategic partners include complementary marketing service providers, advertisers, PR firms, venture capitalists, graphic design houses and intellectual property attorneys.

To cultivate and maintain an enduring brand is to define, declare, go forth…to divine. Devign. Verbal by design.