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(La traducción se está elaborando. Mientras tanto...)

Our creative work is structured around and emanates from the basis of sound strategies. Devign is known for open dialogue backed by a solid business understanding and years of branding experience. As active listeners, we go the distance to accommodate your particular needs. While there is proof in our process, at Devign, there is also room for flexibility, workarounds and adjustments on the fly. We want you to look and sound as great as you are!

Certain engagements (name and tagline creation) generate the best results with a pre-determined set of filters that are arranged according to your requirements and the crowded trademark arena. This branding due diligence is designed to keep you out of the courtroom and out on the court or course.

Intellectual property-specific assignments with us are subjected to high screening scrutiny in order to secure strong availability options, and ultimately, frictionless registration of

your mark. To facilitate a productive creative process and viable product the first time around, we offer preliminary trademark and domain name availability searching, sound symbolism and other linguistic critique, as well as culturally sensitive translations and native speaker evaluations to eliminate those embarrassing and costly literal mishaps.